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Current projects 2021; local roads are posted for weight limits and restrict travel for heavy trucks.  We will begin the season completing the two shorelands projects that are in-progress once the weight limits are lifted.

2020 current projects

This project on Merrymeeting Lake was started in August 2020.  The project includes removing the bottom step, replacing the step with granite, regrading the area as to create a patio area, and installing a natural stone retaining wall with granite steps.  The newly regraded area will be finished with paving stones.  


This project was left uncompleted to prepare a waterfront project that required base materials be installed during draw down as directed by the NHDES.  Both projects will be completed before any new work is started in 2021.  

This water front project on Rocky Point, Depot pond, required that all of the base work be done during draw down.  All of the work below full pond elevation was completed before the pond froze.  I will return to complete the project once the road limits are lifted.  


The balance of the project includes a stone wall at the back of the beach, installing the beach, lining the slope with 12 inch rocks, and installing native plants between the 12 inch rocks to control future erosion.   

The biggest challenge was reach.  I fabricated a jib to extend my reach, and added a battery powered winch be able to set the stones/granite alone. 

72 cubic yards of gravel to cover and reshape driveway.

I installed this patio in 2002, a little adjustment, some changes, and a new lawn, looks like new again.

Highland wall in Alton, 7/20

Place boulders, rip rap slope, level and loam back yard.

Retaining wall in Highland, earth blend color.

This project includes; new granite steps, a segmental retaining wall, and a new walkway.  The planting beds and mulch were completed by the homeowners.

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