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2021 current projects

UPDATED 08.30.21 1537


This project includes removing the bottom step, replacing the step with granite, regrading the area as to create a patio area, and installing a natural stone retaining wall with granite steps.  The newly regraded area is finished with paving stones.  


This waterfront project includes a perched beach, a stone wall, and a stone reinforced slope.  The waterfront walls were constructed of old granite, new granite, naturally occurring stones, and wood timbers on top of the new wall.

The project was started in November of 2020, and completed in May of 2021.     

The biggest challenge on this project was reach.  I fabricated a jib to extend my reach, added a battery powered winch be able to set the stones/granite alone, and fabricated a stone boat for loose materials.  VIDEO

2020 projects

72 cubic yards of gravel to cover and reshape driveway.

I installed this patio in 2002, a little adjustment, some changes, and a new lawn, looks like new again.

Highland wall in Alton, 7/20

Place boulders, rip rap slope, level and loam back yard.

Retaining wall in Highland, earth blend color.

This project includes; new granite steps, a segmental retaining wall, and a new walkway.  The planting beds and mulch were completed by the homeowners.

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